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Prime Security Guard Services

Our in-house security training makes our security guards unbeatable. Our security guards are trained by security specialists, who have experience of more than 20 years. We ensure 100% on-duty safety measures as per 'The Ministry of the Solicitor General'.


Besides keeping strict supervision of your premises, our well-trained young security guards are tech-savvy and versatile enough to take on multiple responsibilities like driving, fire-fighting, emergency first-aid and managing a reception desk.


We back you up like a shield and commit to safeguard you, your people and property from any damage in the best possible way. Our security guards are ethically grounded and committed for your safety.

Remote CCTV Surveillance

Our Remote CCTV Security Surveillance System is the most cost-effective method to keep a watch on the activities in and around your building. Usually, intruders are kept away by installing a security camera.
Hiring Commander Security Remote CCTV Surveillance System :
1)Apart carefully installing CCTV cameras, our back-end team of security guards picks early signs of any suspicious activity through security cameras and alert on-duty security guards along-with informing the police.

2)In case, anybody tries to broke into your premise, our back-end team of security professionals will call the cops and converse with the intruder to not to harm any of your property or person until cops take over the control of the situation.

Security Guard Services

Since we understand that every property has unique requirements. Likewise, our security guard services are exclusively designed for residential buildings, malls, retail stores, construction sites, private and public events or gatherings, parking lots etc.

We recommend you to open up with us for all the possible threats which you feel, might prevail in future so that we can come up with a robust solution and train our security guards accordingly to take adequate security measures to cope up with such challenging situations. However, our security specialists will transparently make you aware about all the possible threats and the safety measures taken.

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