About commander

Commander Security and Concierge Inc. provides the design, implementation and management of a complete spectrum of comprehensive private security services. With in the framework of governing legalization, regulation and established standards of best practice, our professionally trained team of security professionals provides the industry’s best private security services.

Commander Security begins with a vision to provide exceptional customer service to our client’s premises and our licensed and bonded security officers are highly trained to deal with emergency situations with exceptional care and professionalism. We work to safeguard the welfare and prosperity of millions of people around us and helping to create safer environment in which people live and work.
How are we different from existing security companies?
Our exclusive security system for each client is our prime strength. Once you are on board with us, we do rigorous risk analysis to design the most secure and security system and train our guards accordingly. Apart training and security skills, our security guards are morally grounded to safeguard you, your employees and assets. Our risk proof system is unique as per the security requirements and elements involved in the system, which in fact, is the very obstacle for intruders and burglars.


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